Tutorial Of Oreo choco sundae😋🌹 Without Equal

January 12, 2021 BOTzMOD

The Recipe For Making Oreo choco sundae😋🌹.

Oreo choco sundae😋🌹 You can make Oreo choco sundae😋🌹 using 4 ingredients in 4 quick steps. The following is an easy way to make it.

Ingredients Required To Make Oreo choco sundae😋🌹

  1. Mix 1 of pouch chocolate pudding.
  2. Mix 10 of oreo cookies.
  3. Fill 1 cup of vanilla ice cream.
  4. Insert 1 tsp of cocoa powder.

Easy Way To Make Oreo choco sundae😋🌹

  1. Blend oreo cookies and vanilla ice cream with cocoa powder.
  2. Now after taking out ready oreo cookie ice cream.wash the jar and add chocolate pudding with one cup milk and blend until thickened.
  3. Take small bowls or cups or cupcake tray.add scoop of ice cream per person and another scoop of chocolate pudding.
  4. Enjoy delicious yumm sweet treat and make weekend special for kids.stay safe stay healthy and happy with my recipes.

That's how to make Oreo choco sundae😋🌹 Recipe.